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Recording studio, a location in the amazing Florence, heart of Tuscany

Officina Sonora del Bigallo is a recording studio nestled in a location that both inspires and enthralls. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful hills in Tuscany, it is only a few minutes away from Florence’s historical center in the town of Bagno a Ripoli, near the ancient Spedale del Bigallo, from which the studio takes its name. This recording studio in Florence has a breathtaking view of the Brunelleschi Dome, while being encircled by peace, quiet and harmony, provided by the Tuscan hillside.

Its indoor spaces have been restored from an ancient barn overlooking the Florentine plains. Our main objective is to provide a space that harmonically blends creative ideas from various musical and artistic expressions.

The studio is divided into five main environments: the large recording room, the reception, the isolation booths, the pre-production suite and two vast indoor and outdoor lounge areas. These spaces have been designed by Donato Masci and Fabrizio Giovannozzi from Studio Sound Service.

If you’re searching for a recording studio in Tuscany, where you can let all of your emotions out, you are in the right place.

Rehearsal Room

Among the many services of the Studio, OSB can also be a Rehearsal Room. Besides the equipment already described in our website, the Studio has a Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2, a pair of Powered Speakers JBL EON 515XT of 625W each and four Monitors Light Proel of 250W each. In OSB it is possible to play in a perfectly equipped space, where a competent and well prepared technical staff will be available for assistance, setting, checking and adjustment of the sound.

Live room

The main room in the building is the live room. With a surface of 500 square feet and 17 foot ceilings, a Steinway & Sons Model B piano takes the spotlight.

Polycylindrical and straight wooden diffusors are used here, as well as curtains and bass traps. This acoustic treatment, coupled with the structural wood, produces a natural reverberation without any flutter echoes. Variable acoustics panels are built into the walls and allow the RT30 to be modified from .5 to .6 seconds @ 500Hz.

A glass window separates the live room from the lounge and bathroom area.


This is the acoustically treated 70 square foot orchestral composition and pre production suite. It is also wired directly to the control room.

Control Room

The control room is the heart and brain of the studio. Its 250 square feet were designed and constructed based on the LEDE concept: Live End Dead End. The front of the room is absorbent while the back is diffusive thanks to the hardwood skyline panel.

The acoustic treatment and the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) create accurate imaging and detail even outside of the sweet spot. The frequency response is linear, providing great clarity and definition. The room is equipped for 5.1 mixing.

Isolation booth

This 70 square foot room is adjacent to the control room. It is completely bound in absorbent materials, which reduce its reverberation time with the help of 3 bass traps. Wooden beams are used on the walls to maintain the mid-high frequency content of recorded sources. The acoustics are dry and neutral. A video monitor and a video camera visually connect the iso booth with the control room, allowing ADR, voiceovers and dubbing.


On the outside, Officina Sonora del Bigallo boasts a large loggia with an old fireplace as the centerpiece. Once inside, the rooms spread harmoniously over two floors.

The live room and lounge areas are on the ground floor, while upstairs a balcony overlooks the live room. Next to it are the control room, the isolation booth and the machine room.

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