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Enterprising business philosophy

OSB Records stands out in the music world thanks to its unconventional spirit, based on a passion for music and an awareness of the need to constantly listen to what moves us inside. The marketing phase is carried out by OSB Records with the utmost attention, but "social sharing" is no less important, and considered essential in creating an aggregating and addictive flow of people. Our goals are global: we want to reach Europe and the rest of the World. The objective is to peacefully strike a distracted society, where perceptual culture easily gets lost. OSB Records' business philosophy was conceived by people with a strong sensitivity for harmony between opposites, and its activity is based on empathy-oriented logic. The team's forefront mentality is set on the exploration of foreign markets, its creative work is based on non-local projects and artists, making the studio available for different kinds of artistic endeavors (music, cinema, documentaries, sound design) and to artists of great relevance.


Officina Sonora del Bigallo was inaugurated on July 5th, 2014 as a recording studio, and it was built from an idea by Lawrence Fancelli, motivated by his artistic and business-oriented spirit, tied to the legacy of his American family. Today, after almost three years, we are proud to present OSB Records, the newborn record label that is emerging thanks to the collaboration with Aurelio Colucci (consultant for international discographic, editorial and live music repertory) who was also involved in the recording studio startup with Lawrence Fancelli. In 2016, OSB Records signs composer and pianist Paolo Cognetti as its first recording contract.

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