officina sonora bigallo recording studio

Recording Studio a few minutes away from downtown Florence

tradition and technological innovation

A recording studio in Italy’s cultural heart, two cottages surrounded by an enticing olive tree park, where you can feel the strong passion for music. This professional recording studio is driven by the synthesis of tradition and technological innovation, where you can record and mix in stereo or in 5.1. Play your music on the keyboard of a Steinway & Sons piano Model B, the "perfect" piano, in a suggestive location.

Lean over from the window of the welcoming Isolation Booth and you will see the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral’s outstanding dome. You will be enthralled by nature’s quiet, bucolic embrace and by the city’s Renaissance scenery that will both inspire and help you concentrate. Choose to fully live and enjoy a unique art creation experience by booking the residential service of our recording studio.

In Italy, you will not find a similar structure that provides such a setting, equipment and personalized services (from transfer to personal chef). We have devised a recording studio that can be customized according to the profile of every musician, producer or general user. We can make your sound happen: just set your art free, channel your voice or your instrument and we'll do the rest.

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Our pro gear, musical instruments and software. Vintage and new.

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Everyone on board, Nebraska is our next stop. Bruce Springsteen

steinway & sons

Officina Sonora Bigallo is a piano recording studio where acoustic perfection reverberates at every key touch thanks to its Steinway & Sons Model B.

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music for film

The services we offer are: composition, playing and recording music for film. Officina Sonora Bigallo is a recording studio that can meet any request: from music

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Three things are necessary for a good pianist: the head, the heart and the fingers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Rock won't eliminate your problems, but it will let you sort of dance all over them. Pete Townshend

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