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Lawrence Fancelli

bio Lawrence Fancelli

Lawrence Fancelli was born in October 1982. After being classically trained on the piano and the clarinet, he completes his development by playing bass in various underground bands. During this musical experimentation, he also starts acquiring an interest in audio engineering. After finishing university he flies to London to enroll in Alchemea College of Audio Engineering.

Next he moves to New York to work with Silver Sound as a recording and mix engineer. Here he gets the chance to work on some international productions such as Sons of the Clouds, the Last of The Great Romantics, Hellaware, A Girl and A Gun and other minor productions. During his time in the Big Apple he also further develops his music production skills. One of his works is the music for the play Curse on Summit Rock.

These experiences lead him back to Florence where he begins his personal project: Officina Sonora del Bigallo. He keeps on producing and playing music to this day.

bio Paolo Cognetti

Paolo Cognetti is an Italian composer and a pianist. He holds degrees in piano and composition from the Conservatorio di Musica “Luigi Cherubini” and he is a graduate from Berklee’s inaugural master program in scoring for film, television and video games at its international campus in Valencia.

Winner of both Italian and international awards he writes music for visual media and theater pieces, and performs as solo piano artist.

Paolo Cognetti

Aurelio Colucci

bio Aurelio Colucci

OSB's studio manager has over 20 years of experience in the music industry and in show business. He organizes, plans and coordinates album releases and their marketing strategies, as well as live tours.

Professional experience: Live Nation, F&P Group, Mario Biondi, Zucchero "Sugar" Fornaciari, Negramaro, Dolcenera, Toto, Jovanotti, Tokio Hotel, Apollo 440, Faithless, Hooverphonic, Moby,

bio Filippo Rossi

Filippo Rossi is born in Florence in 1989. As a kid his first look towards the world of music begins with turntables. He subsequently learned how to play the piano e after that he began experiment as a Dj. With time he began to nurture an interest for the technical and acoustic aspects of audio.

This pushed him to prolong his studies at the Conservatorio di Firenze Musica e Nuove Tecnologie where he developed his first bases of phonics. After attending several courses between Bologna and Florence, he continues his studies at the school of Alto Perfezionamento di Saluzzo. This is where he refined and deepened the main subjects that are related to the technical and acoustic aspects of audio. He became so passionate to these subjects that he decided this would be his future profession.

His first work experience was held at Relaxo Studio. This is where he learned to relate to a variety of clients and assist their needs by learning various recording, mixing and post production techniques. He records and assists in a studio as well as at live events. By working in a theatre in Florence as a sound designer and collaborating as a sound technician for service points in Florence, he continues his training aspiring to become an increasingly complete sound engineer. At the recording studio OSB he covers the role of assistant and continues to experiment and grow his passion towards music with commitment and dedication.

Filippo Rossi

Francesco Profeti

bio Francesco Profeti

Francesco Profeti graduated in sound engineering at SAE Milan in 2011. Back in Florence he is currently part of an experimental electronic music and sound design project with his friend Pietro Franchini called Herz Collision.

He works closely with the cultural association Autentica, where he organizes music events and hosts national and international guests. His role within OSB ranges from microphone placement, post production, ADR and voiceovers, to production sound recording and boom operator.

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