Piano Recording Studio, with a Steinway & Sons Model B Resident

Acoustic Perfection

Officina Sonora Bigallo is a piano recording studio where acoustic perfection reverberates at every key touch thanks to its Steinway & Sons Model B. The handmade wooden structure of the piano and its harmonically assembled pieces makes for an instrument capable of bringing artists’ creations to life. Steinway & Sons is the go to name when it comes to piano makers. Thanks to 128 innovative patents that were registered in the 19th century, they have revolutionized the manufacturing process of this instrument. In Long Island, once called Steinway Village, experience and passion create this unique instrument, which gives a vibrant, warming sound. The Model B is known as “the perfect piano” due to its wide range of tones.

Audio Recording System

Take your time, concentrate on the music and make the best of this high quality piano in our recording studio with its state of the art audio recording system. Sit in front of the keys and express your emotions. Renting a piano would be very costly, but will not be necessary with our in-house equipment waiting for you in this recording studio in Florence.

Recording Studio With Steinway & Sons Model B Piano, Plain Excellence

We Are The Only Studio

Welcome to our Recording studio and meet our Steinway & Sons Model B piano. We are the only studio in the prestigious and inspiring city of Florence equipped with this instrument. We have chosen to host a Steinway & Sons Model B because first and foremost we are music lovers, we live for music and believe it to be the universal language to people’s hearts. The choice of this piano has been almost obvious. There is no other instrument capable of playing such diverse and deep sounds by striking the same key, thus creating a rich scale of tones and nuances.

Designed A Recording Studio

We wished only the best equipment for Officina Sonora del Bigallo, and designed a recording studio that could offer musicians versatile musical solutions. Pianists such as Nicholas Walker have studied the properties of the Steinway for years, discovering an unusual ductility of the low light notes and amplitude of the high ones.

Residential Recording Studio

Release your creativity while we take care of the rest.

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Officina Sonora Bigallo

A recording studio immersed in the Tuscan hillside just a few minutes away from the center of Florence.

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