Bio Lawrence Fancelli

Lawrence Fancelli was born in October 1982. After being classically trained on the piano and the clarinet, he completes his development by playing bass in various underground bands. During this musical experimentation, he also starts acquiring an interest in audio engineering. After finishing university he flies to London to enroll in Alchemea College of Audio Engineering. Next he moves to New York to work with Silver Sound as a recording and mix engineer. Here he gets the chance to work on some international productions such as Sons of the Clouds, the Last of The Great Romantics, Hellaware, A Girl and A Gun and other minor productions. During his time in the Big Apple he also further develops his music production skills. One of his works is the music for the play Curse on Summit Rock. These experiences lead him back to Florence where he begins his personal project: Officina Sonora del Bigallo. He keeps on producing and playing music to this day.