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The Services We Offer

The services we offer are: composition, arrangement, orchestration, programming, playing and recording music for film. Officina Sonora Bigallo is a recording studio that can meet any request: from music for videos to dialogue recording. Every project is made to measure.


A thorough, accurate service with professional results, from preproduction to 5.1. mixing. Do you wish to create the soundtrack for your movie? Our recording studio is the ideal place to enhance your productions!

Production Sound

We record sound effects and voices on set during the television or film production phase with professional audio equipment.


We compose and produce music that fits your project, plus we offer an outstanding orchestral recording service with the musicians from the Orchestra Fiorentina La Filharmonie.


We produce all kinds of daily life sound effects that can be added to movies, videos and other media during post-production in order to guarantee utmost realism.

ADR & Dubbing

Dialogues and on-set recordings that cannot be used must be recorded again. We offer the finest environment to record voices in our Isobooth.

Sound Design

We record, synthesize and mix any audio element that you may need in your production.

Missaggio 5.1

We employ Genelec active monitors with DSP. (Digital Signal Processing), GLM ™ and AutoCal™ (Automatic calibration software) integrated technology, which creates a monitoring and auto-calibration solution that guarantees an accurate audio and a constant workflow. By using the Genelec monitors we can identify and balance surround sounds with power panning through five speakers and a 5.1 subwoofer, instead of the usual stereo channels. With this technology, it is possible to give listeners even more interesting and engaging experiences.

Residential Recording Studio

Release your creativity while we take care of the rest.

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Officina Sonora Bigallo

A recording studio immersed in the Tuscan hillside just a few minutes away from the center of Florence.

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